NewBev : Craft bier and beverage agency

The drink industry is in deep mutation and it’s doing its proper revolution, one carefully led by many producers, which are jostling the codes by offering products perfectly in lines with what the consumer is looking for.
The recipe is simple : limited production, use of traditional methods, premium quality ingredients and a touch of creative madness.
However, French market is a bit difficult to conquer and often requires :

Disproportionate commercial investments
Deep knowledge of the key players
Support from the main distributors and institutions

Today NewBev offers solutions for a quick-thinking development, on a long-term basis, on in this fast moving market. Through out its various services, NewBev is able to be by your side in order to help you commercialize and diffuse this new offer.

Commercial agency

Thanks to a long experience in the drink industry, and particularly in the craft beer one, NewBev is able to offer you a range of products, which are innovative by their craft aspect and their trendy positioning.

Our partners

Caulier Weihenstephaner
Crew Republic
Le trou du diable Brasserie Jopen Toccalmatto
& trainings
Thanks to a solid expertise in the craft beers world, and more generally in the drink industry, NewBev set up, with the wholesaler and retailer, a wide range of training sessions.
Several axes can be proposed throughout our consulting mission and training sessions:

Set up a coherent, relevant and evolutive range
Deployment of various tools for your salesforce
Salesforce’s training for a better knowledge of the beer market, the product range and the available tools

The consulting interventions can be limited in time and answer to a precise need. Consulting and training session are independent services but they can also be turned into complementary modules, based on your needs.


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